Beranda Attraction The culinary Tour at the foot of Mount Ijen

The culinary Tour at the foot of Mount Ijen – enjoy the beauty of the ijen crater tour it is not complete without a visit to the place culinary tour at the foot of Mount Ijen. There is one place culinary tour is a favorite for visitors tourism place crater ijen in East Java. His name warung Bu Im, if you will climb up toward the crater Ijen, some good drop down to this shop. Warung Bu Im located in the post Pal foreign encroachments and used by tourists or hikers to just fill the stomach and drink lukewarm. This warong experiment, because it is believed to be first in the area of the Ijen crater.

Pictures of the gate toward the place of natural tourism Crater Ijen

The Existence of supporting facilities such as the food stalls on a tourism place of course is needed. For You or other traveler not chance bring supplies of food, consider a visit to the Warung Bu Im before Climbing Mount Ijen.

In pos Pal foreign encroachments can we find where the culinary tour simple or culinary shop. One of them is owned kiosk Bu Imron or poke “Bu Im”. The name of the stall Bu Im feeling so popular among hikers Mount Ijen. Rumored, Bu Im was the first to establish the food stalls in the region of Mount Ijen.

As the forerunner of the food stalls first in pos Pal foreign encroachments, Bu Im also proud heart. Its imprint many followed by others. Now in the post which also made the area camp (rags ground) before hiking to Mount Ijen had many stand food stalls. The food sold is not much different from other shops. One of the most traditional snacks their favorite color by foreign tourists is fried banana made Bu Im.

Bu Im gave him the name ‘hot such as banana’ (hot banana). One of fried banana free appreciated Rp 2,000. Not only that, Bu Im also offers different types of rice and drinks. There are fried rice, rice mix and pecel. For a plate of rice plus he pins costing Rp 10,000. Drink is also quite cheap, a glass of warm tea free costing Rp 2,000.

Warung Bu Im every day never visitors. Especially on the Saturday night and Sunday, or other holiday. Once a when he felt overwhelmed by the kiosk invaded many buyers. Bu Im was the personification of women who are not willing to give up with the fate. Even though it is not seperkasa men sulfur mine workers, but struggle to-old scrapes together a living with open food stalls in the area of Mount Ijen should appreciation.

Pictures The Culinary Tour Warung Bu Im at the foot of Mount Ijen

Now warung Bu Im growing. Not only various food menu to offer hikers, the necessity of the ascent of others is also available in the kiosk. If you happen to forget to bring the glove, then at warung Bu Im available complete with the price that is not too expensive.

Warung Bu Im indeed special in the eyes of the hikers. How does not in the kitchen stall is equipped with a furnace heat the furnace can warm your body when cold. Bu Im feel open with the visitors kiosk. No distinguish local tourists or foreign tourists.

All visitors ministered with very good. No wonder when the kiosk so inherent in the heart of the tourists especially foreign tourists. Warung Bu Im so celebrates its premiere as the culinary tour at the foot of Mount Ijen namely te…

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